It’s that time of the year again. Time to decorate the house with Christmas décor, sport that “ugly sweater”, cook for the family, and spend the holidays with loved ones. However, the much-awaited Holiday season might take a different turn this year due to the ongoing pandemic.

Nonetheless, there should be no reason not to celebrate Christmas even if it means spending it at home. Cozy up, cuddle with a loved one, and gather everyone in front of the warm fireplace. Or if you have a budget and extra outdoor space at home, why not create your own outdoor fireplace? Hire a trusted home additions builder for your home improvement needs, including adding an outdoor fireplace.

Getting started

Having an outdoor fireplace is a good idea especially if you live in a cold climate area. An outdoor fireplace is a great place to chill (pun intended) with friends and family on a cold evening. There are DIY outdoor fireplace kits you can buy in home improvement centers near you. Or hire outdoor remodeling personnel for building a home addition such as an outdoor fireplace.

But before building an outdoor fireplace, you should consider a lot of things. For one, you need to check any local ordinances that can affect your outdoor fireplace project. Determine what kind of permits will you need and the amount of money you need to shell out.

What to consider before building an outdoor fireplace

Aside from the paperwork, you should also look for a trusted home addition builder. Also, you should check out the following.

Will the outdoor home addition design affect your home insurance?

It is a good idea to check with your home insurance agent if building an outdoor fireplace will affect your premium payments. Knowing these can help you save money and get rid of unnecessary stress and frustration.

Where should you build your outdoor fireplace?

If you have a large backyard space, you should not have a problem building that outdoor fireplace. However, you should also consider your home’s safety and ensure a safe distance from your house, shed, or garage. Also, check for any overhanging branches or any vegetation that could be prone to catching fire.

What will you need to build an outdoor fireplace?  

As mentioned, there are DIY outdoor fireplace building kits you can assemble by yourself. Or you can also hire home addition companies to help you build a customized outdoor fireplace according to your budget and preference. Printed plans are also available to guide you on the fireplace construction. The materials will also depend on the type of outdoor fireplace you are planning to build.

What type of outdoor fireplace do you want?

Outdoor fireplaces come in different designs and styles. It can also be powered by gas or wood. For the former, you should consider hiring a contractor as they need to install gas lines in the fireplace system. There are poolside fireplaces, outdoor kitchens with a built-in fireplace, an outdoor deck with a fireplace, and so on.

Why you should have your own outdoor fireplace

When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s either you hire professional home to remodel experts or do the job by yourself. Aside from a nice hangout spot for your guests, other reasons why you should have your own outdoor fireplace at home are the following.

It can add value to your home.

If you live in a cold climate area and you plan to sell your home soon, an outdoor fireplace can add value to your home.

It adds aesthetic value to your home.

There is something that makes outdoor fireplaces charming and aesthetic. You can be the ultimate hangout spot for your family and guests. Add an outdoor kitchen or a small pool area, and your guests will surely love going to your home for some barbecue or just chitchat and coffee.

It is great for summer nights, too!

Wood-burning fire can actually shoo away insects and bugs that are common during summer. After all, everyone wants to have a nice summer evening of fun and good food without swatting insects left and right.

Finding a trusted home contractor

These are some things you should consider before building an outdoor fireplace. You can go the DIY route (using DIY fireplace kits), or hire a home contractor that does outdoor remodeling in DC.