Often, when homeowners buy or build their houses, they plan enough rooms to accommodate their family members and sometimes an extra bedroom for the guests. So it gets tricky when you have to accommodate another person living with you for a long time.

To restore sanity to your house, you need to have another bedroom. Luckily, you don’t have to buy or build a new house. Instead, work with home addition companies and come up with ways to create an extra bedroom. To help you out, here are ideas on how to make an extra bedroom in your house.

Expand the house

Do you have enough space on your property? You can go the old school way and add a multi-room structure attached to the main house. You can add the house on the side or the back. The cool thing with this option is it allows you to add more rooms, not just the one-bedroom that you are in immediate need of.  And as a result, you have extra rooms for the future.

You should note that while this option is great, it’s the most expensive so when planning it, ensure you have enough money for the project.

Bump out

When you bump out a room, you just add the extra bedroom you are looking for. You contact house designers and come up with a plan for the extra bedroom. Since you put up only one room, you don’t need a lot of money for the project.

Convert the garage, basement, or attic

Many homeowners use attics, basements, and garages as makeshift storage areas, but when you are in urgent need of an extra bedroom, and you don’t have money to construct a new one, you can easily convert them to the extra room you are interested in.

The cool thing is that since most of them are complete, you don’t need to do much to make them livable. In most cases, all you need to do is some re-arranging and de-cluttering.

Due to their location, attics are expensive to convert, and garages are often used for tool storage, parking space, or workshop. Due to this, most homeowners opt to convert their basements.

If you are also going this route, don’t hire just any contractor—hire a technician specializing in basement remodels.

Divide your living room

Are you one of the lucky people that have a large living room? You can divide it into an extra bedroom. While this option is cheaper as all you need is to place partitions, you need to get your timing right.

Have the construction when you don’t need to use the living room, as it won’t be available as the contractors are building the walls.

Avoid dividing during the festive season when you are more likely to have guests over.

Build a standalone room

If you have a large backyard and don’t want to tamper with your house’s original design, you can construct a standalone room at a different part of your property.

Depending on the size and the design of the stand-alone room, this option can be more expensive than bumping out an extra room. In most cases, this option costs the same as a conventional house addition as you need to install separate plumbing lines, electricity, and other amenities.

It’s easy to get an extra bedroom.

Although, it will cost you some money to add an extra room to your property, it’s cheaper than going through the trouble of finding and moving to a new house. To build a room you will be proud of, work with experienced and certified home remodeling architects Washington DC.