Storage is one of the most important rooms in any home. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners tend to overlook the importance of having a decent storage area in the house. Often, homeowners use the garage as their storage area. But garages are supposed to be used to park the family car, not to store paint cans and old and broken furniture.

There are many ways to have an additional storage area in your home. You can use your garage (as long as it is organized), or build a shed in your backyard. This can be considered a home addition. In such a case, you should contact the best home addition builder in your area.

Getting started

A shed is a great way to add storage space for your home. Instead of putting all of your painting and gardening stuff in the garage or elsewhere exposed to the outdoor elements, you can store them all in the shed. But take note that building a shed may not be as easy as you think.

For one thing, you might need to hire a professional home additions builder to help build your shed. Or you can build your own if you want. But the decision depends on how big the shed is, or what type of building materials to be used. Your shed need not look like a dilapidated shack but something like a small structure that will add aesthetic to your home.

Building a shed will require several factors. For one, you might need the help of professional home addition companies to build a backyard shed. You also need to consider your storage needs, your household’s lifestyle, and your property’s landscape.

What to consider before building a backyard shed

Thinking about building a backyard shed as additional storage space? Here are some factors you have to consider before building one.


Before starting a home remodel or any home addition design, make sure you have the budget to build a shed. If you want to build one, make it the best shed you will ever have. Aside from building materials, you also have to include the labor and other utilities such as electricity, heating, or insulation system in your expenses.

Amount of shed space

There are two kinds of spaces you need to consider: the amount of space you need to build the shed, and the amount of space you need inside the shed. Is the shed simply for storage purposes? Or are you going to include a workstation inside (ex. for your carpentry or crafts hobby). Also, you need to determine how big the shed you want to build and make sure you have enough space in your yard.


The next consideration is the shed design. Do you want a rustic design or a modern-looking one? You can check out some shed designs here for inspiration. Take note that your building materials depend on the shed design that you want to build.

How to build a shed

Building a shed can take time depending on the home addition design and the size you want. Here are the steps to remember in building a backyard shed.

Make sure to check the building codes.

Building a shed is like building a small house as the former usually has a roof, a door, windows, and the walls. That is why you should check with your local area any building code requirements to complete the project legally.

Decide where to build the shed.

It will depend on the shed’s purpose. For example, the shed should be near the garden if you plan on using it to store gardening tools. Or you build your shed near your house if you are keeping your paint and other home improvement tools.

Check for any possible problems within the building site.

Before starting building the home addition, make sure to check any possible hindrances that can affect the shed project. For example, you can check whether the trees can cause problems on the roof (ex. loose branches falling) or the foundation (ex. bulging roots underneath).

Invest in additional features.

If you are using the shed as a storage area, make the most out of the space. Opt for shelving and rack options that can utilize the shed’s storage space. Don’t forget to add a nice paint exterior paint for the shed walls.

Find the best shed builders near you

For your home addition and home improvement needs, make sure to trust only the experts. Contact your local home addition companies in Washington DC!