Imagine life without mirrors. You cannot see yourself if that dress fits you perfectly. Or whether you are doing your makeup right. However, mirrors are not only important in checking how you look. It can also brighten up and make your room look attractive in general.

So if you are planning to renovate your home, you might want to consider using mirrors to maximize your living space. When planning for a home addition design, you should also hire the best home remodeling architects in your area.

Mirror designs

There are different types of mirrors you can buy and use for your home. As mentioned, mirrors not only are for beauty purposes but also decorative purposes. When used correctly, it can provide balance or contrast to any room.

You can utilize mirrors in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or in any other parts of your home. Some of the most popular mirror designs you can use for your condo remodeling or home addition project include the following.

Tiled mirrors

This type of mirror looks better in a bathroom or a vanity room. It can truly catch one’s attention, especially with ambient lighting, and placed in a room with a high ceiling.

Closets with built-in mirrors

This also works best in a walk-in closet, a master’s bedroom, or even your home office. It can add a classy and timeless appeal to any room. Home remodeling architects can provide advice on the best furniture and fixtures that will suit your home.

Mirrored walls

This one is another popular home addition design that makes a room look interesting. You might encounter this type of mirrors in a hotel or salon lobby. Nonetheless, it also looks good in a living room and adds aesthetic appeal to the area.

Huge mirrors

This works in bedrooms, walk-in closets, and the living room. It can make the room look bigger, brighter, and livelier.

What to consider in using mirrors to design a room

Before buying a mirror for your home, you need to consider the following first.


For one, it should be placed across a visually appealing area. Say, you can place it near a window, a beautiful staircase, or a nice chandelier or lighting. Ideally, hanging it at eye-level can make a difference to the room. However, displaying it higher or lower eye-level can also work depending on the room.


Mirrors can make a room look bigger. That is why you can explore using large mirrors if you want to add the illusion of space in a room. Of course, it will make the room look nicer as well.


Mirrors have various designs, modern and classic designs alike. It will all depend on the frame design and the theme you want to achieve in your room or home.

Mirrored furniture

Now, there are also mirrored furniture that has been popular for some time now. While it looks sophisticated and attractive in a room, you also have to consider where you are going to put it. Ideally, you should not put it in an area with so many things going on that can deflect attention from it.

Tips on using mirrors for home improvement

Home improvement can be cheap or expensive depending on how you make the most out of the materials you have. If you are planning a home remodel project, it is a good idea to include mirrors as your design pieces. Here are tips on using mirrors for your next home improvement project.

Don’t be afraid to go big.

A large mirror can be a nice focal point in a room. As mentioned, large mirrors can add an illusion of a larger room and can be a good conversation starter, too. You can also choose mirrors with nice frames that will complement your room’s theme.

Consider the right placement.

Experts suggest placing the mirror near a window to maximize the natural lighting. But if the room has no windows, you can place the mirror beside a lighting fixture. It is also a good idea to place the mirror opposite an entryway or door.

Make sure not to hang it too high.

While hanging the mirror can make the ceiling look higher, you should not hang it way too high. It should still be at eye-level so you won’t have to look up and stretch your head too much when looking at it.

Don’t forget to clean the mirror.

Experts suggest using a feather duster or a small amount of window cleaner when cleaning the mirrors. Generally, maintaining your mirrors at home should not take a lot of time and effort on your part.


You will benefit a lot when you use mirrors to enhance the look of your home. Of course, you can hire architects builders in DC for your home improvement needs. After all, everyone deserves to have a welcoming and attractive home.