There is nothing more satisfying than the smell of fresh paint. A fresh coat of paint can signify new beginnings, and one of the most exciting parts of home improvement. If you are planning for a home remodel, you have to consider the paint colors that you will use. Also, a home remodeling addition means hiring the best home additions builders out there.

Getting started

If you are planning for any home improvement project this year, you should think about the best color scheme to work on. You also have to have an idea of how much it can cost you for all the paint you will use and the labor (if you are going to hire professional painters). Or if you decide to do the job by yourself, make sure to do your research to avoid regrets later on.

You should also have the right tools and supplies to take on the painting project. Also, you should know what to do before painting a wall or furniture, painting wall corners, saving on paint costs, and so on. Finding reliable home remodeling architects is also important if you decide to let professionals handle the job.

What you need to know about the painting cost breakdown

In choosing paint, you need to consider the material or surface you are going to paint. This includes wood, concrete, metal, and so on. Paint also comes in different textures and finishes such as glossy, semi-glossy, matte, and eggshell among a few.

If you are planning for a condo remodeling, you may also want to hire professional painters for the painting job. As mentioned earlier, you need to consider two major contributors to painting costs:

Paint and material costs

It is said that paint usually cost at least $20 per gallon depending on the finish, brand, and other features. Some paints are mold-resistant or odor-free as well as a lifetime warranty, which can also contribute to the cost of the paint.

When buying paint, never settle for cheaper ones – it may also mean cheaper quality and durability. Experts suggest using middle-grade acrylic paint for all-around painting needs. Consider other painting materials like paint brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, and other supplies.

Labor expenses

Another major cost is the cost of painting a surface. This includes the time spent on prepping so that the paint will adhere to the surface. At the same time, this will ensure that the paint job will last for a long time. The paint can be expensive or cheaper than the usual brands, but the labor and the output quality should be worth the price.

How to save on a paint job

Now you know that labor costs have the larger chunk of your budget. On the one hand, you can do the painting job on your own. However, it may not be recommended especially if it is your first-time or if it is a major painting job. If it’s the latter’s case, you may have to leave it to the experts instead.

The good news is that it is possible to save money on a home improvement project. There are affordable home additions available out there. Here are other tips that can help save some additional cash on your next painting job project.

Don’t settle on one supplier.

Experts suggest getting several estimates, compare the details, then decide which of them to choose. Make sure to know the time spent on prepping and painting, paint brand, and additional coat costs.

Get it all in writing.

Once there is already an agreement from your chosen supplier, put them all in writing. Make sure to include the time estimates, the steps to be done, and the material costs.

Try doing DIY to save on labor.

As mentioned, DIY takes the larger chunk of your painting project. But you can reduce the cost by doing some of the work by yourself. For example, you can use a brush instead of a sprayer. Or you do the prepping instead of giving that job to the painter.

So, what’s next?

These are some of the most important things to consider before starting a painting project. No one wants to spend a lot on things, especially on home improvement projects.


Nonetheless, there are also ways that you can save money from it. For you, home improvement and additional needs, make sure to contact only the best out there! Hire the best home addition companies in DC soon!