Home remodeling is an expensive venture, and the last thing you want, as a homeowner, is to make costly mistakes that require you to redo the project. The cool thing is that you can avoid making these mistakes by avoiding doing the wrong things.

What should you not do when remodeling? Well, there are plenty of things you shouldn’t do, with the common ones being:

Hire the first contractor you come across

Most homeowners will search for architects builders online, visit their site and if they like it, they contact the contractor and start working with them. This is wrong.

Remember that how well the contractor ranks on Google or is well designed, doesn’t reflect the contractors ability.

What you should do instead is to get in touch with several contractors and vet them. During the vetting, ask them as many questions as possible such as their experience, how many remodeling projects they have done, and any other pressing issue.

During the vetting, gauge the contractor’s personality. If you have a large project, chances are you will spend a long time with them, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with a technician with an awful personality for months.

Failing to do your research

Besides taking time to vet the contractor you want to work with, you should also research what your project entails. You should know the materials you need, the labor that will be involved, and any other necessary details.

Doing research helps you understand the project better to know what goes on in every stage of the project and what you should expect.

Have a rigid budget

As much as you have researched and know what your project entails, you shouldn’t go into the project with a strict budget. This is because a gamut of unforeseen issues arise once you start your project.

For example, you will start a project and realize that you have to open up walls due to electrical, plumbing, or structural surprises. As you can tell, this slows the project’s progress, and it costs more.

The situation is worse when you are remodeling an older house where you are more likely to have mold, leaking pipes, deteriorating wood, and plenty of other issues.

To avoid surprises or even bringing your project to a stop, have some extra money to cater for miscellaneous expenses that might come up later on.

Expect the project to take the planned time.

Like your budget, you shouldn’t expect your project to take the projected time. Again, this is because many things are bound to come up later on.

To avoid frustrations, give your project up to an extra week. If you are planning to have an occasion in your house, don’t have the event on the exact day you expect the project to complete as chances are the contractors won’t complete the project then.

Beginning the project without the necessary permits

Most local authorities require you to get remodeling permits before you begin your project, and you should get them.

Some people try to cut corners and proceed with their project without getting the permits, but you shouldn’t as the local authorities might demand you halt your project or, in some cases, bring down the project for safety reasons.

To avoid this, take your time and get the relevant permits. You should note that some authorities will require the certifications of your home remodeling architects Washington DC so ensure that you hire an experienced and certified professional.


The last thing you shouldn’t do when remodeling your home is trying to do it yourself. This is because you are bound to make plenty of costly mistakes that might cost you more than you are trying to save.

To be on the safe side and for your project to be expertly done, spend money on an experienced professional.