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Looking Ahead to This Year’s Kitchen Cabinet Trends

August 29, 2017

Washington, D.C. is known for its unique and current residential architecture. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in your Washington, D.C. area home, make sure you’re up-to-date on some of the latest trends and innovations in modern kitchen design. This year, smart and sophisticated cabinet design tops the list of kitchen makeover must-dos. Here’s a look at three new kitchen cabinet features to talk over with your kitchen remodeling service. Functional Design Using space efficiently in your kitchen cabinets has always been important in the remodeling process. But many remodeling experts are going a step beyond being well organized. Today, cabinets are being custom made to suit very specific purposes, which helps your kitchen to be more functional and comfortable. Toe-kick drawers, pull-out shelving, and built-in containers are examples of innovative features that are projected to be popular kitchen remodeling projects. Tech Integration With tablets and computers making their way into the kitchen, your cabinets need to be better prepared to handle the influx of technology. Homeowners are demanding purpose built solutions to using technology in the kitchen without having to invest in things like “smart fridges” and other expensive appliances. Simple features like charging stations, built-in tablet stands, and other updates can dramatically change the way you use your devices in the kitchen. You’ll have to make more room on your iPad for those cooking apps you’ve been waiting to use! Horizontal Kitchen Cabinets You might be wondering whether horizontal cabinets are really a breakthrough. While cabinets are custom made in all kinds of shapes and sizes, the trend for modern kitchen cabinets is overwhelming horizontal. Wider cabinets and drawers make storing items of all sizes easier. They also create a less cluttered feel in the kitchen, which means you’re more likely to whip up something tasty yourself instead of ordering take out again. Horizontal kitchen cabinets also create a cleaner and polished look by minimizing hardware and playing up clean, long lines.

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