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How Can I Make My Home Addition Look Good?

September 9, 2021

Whether it’s a larger kitchen, an extra bedroom, or a completely new wing, homeowners add new space to their houses every day. While these home addition projects are good as they add the vital space, there is usually one big problem—in most cases, the home addition looks ugly and not part of the main building. How can I make my home addition look good? If you are asking this question, you want your new home to look and feel like an original part of the house, right? And the beauty is that it’s possible to do it. Some of the things you need to do as given by home addition companies include: Use the same building materials as the main house Many homeowners try to modernize their old houses by building an addition using modern materials. As you can guess, if the original house is old and made from old materials, building an addition using new materials makes the addition look out of place. To avoid this, build an addition using the same materials as the old house. If the original house is too old that you can’t find the same materials, consider using alternatives that will coordinate with what is already in the house. Remember that when you use different materials, you create a visually inconsistent outcome, which gives your new house an ugly look. Be cautious of the scale and proportion of the new addition If you can’t find similar materials as the original house, play around with the size of the new addition. Instead of adding one large block onto the house, build a few smaller houses of varying sizes that are less overpowering. This way, the addition will look like it has always been part of the house instead of looking like an out-of-place afterthought. Work with your contractor and find the ideal room size to add that won’t look out of place. Ensure that the architectural style of the new house is in harmony with the old house In the same way, you should strive to use the same building materials as the old house, you should strive to maintain the same architectural design as the old house. This is because using different designs will make the new house look out of place. As a homeowner, you should take your time and find an experienced contractor that understands the different architectural designs and how to pull them off professionally. Consider the house’s grade and slope. Ignoring the house’s grade and slope will give your property a visually jarring look as the addition doesn’t follow the land’s natural contours. Again, as a regular homeowner, there isn’t much you can do about this other than entrusting it to an experienced contractor. If the land slopes away from the original structure, the contractor should know that they need to step the foundation walls of the home addition down so that you don’t have an unsightly foundation wall sticking out from the ground. Work with the right contractor. The contractor you hire goes a long way towards ensuring that the new addition is as appealing as possible. The contractor […]

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