Every home needs a refreshing change from time to time. It can be boring to stare at the same wall color every day for many years. Your child has already grown into a teenager and may already be bugging you to revamp his/her room for the longest time. There are many options you can do to improve your home depending on your budget.

On one hand, you can plan for a home addition design as part of your major home improvement project. There are affordable home additions that you can consider if budget is your concern. Building a home addition can either be creating an entirely new living space within your property. Or using your existing space at home in building a new room for your family.

Revamp your home with paint

If you are in the mood to revamping your home without having to tear down walls and buying building materials, you may want to consider repainting instead. It is cheaper and easy to do. However, there are some things to consider before proceeding with the home improvement project.

Nonetheless, painting is a cheap, practical, and quick alternative to improving your home. As mentioned, it can be boring staring at the same wall and ceiling color for so many years. At some point, you should update your home in any way you can. One way to do so is by applying a fresh coat of paint on every wall of your home.

What to consider in choosing wall paint

In case you don’t know, there are different types of paint that you can choose from. Each paint type has its pros and cons so make sure to choose the right type according to your painting needs. Whether you are planning for a home remodeling addition or simply update your wall color, you should know what kind of paint to choose.


One popular type of paint is water-based. In fact, a lot of builders and homeowners choose water-based paint mostly due to its easy use. Water-based paints do not need pre-treatment; meaning, you can go ahead and paint your walls immediately.

It also doesn’t promote mildew growth, has low VOC levels, dries quickly, resists cracking, doesn’t easily fade, and can be applied on different surfaces. It is also easier to clean up.


This is another type of paint being used by builders and homeowners. Like water-based paints, it can also be used on different surfaces. It has a nice glossy and durable finish. It is also the better type of paint to use in high-moisture areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

However, oil paint may emit overwhelming fumes that can be potentially risky to health. It also requires solvents to wash away oil-based paint on the walls or the brush used to paint it.


This is a popular paint method that provides a classic appeal to any room. It has no sheen and instead provides a feeling of a velvety surface. It can also help hide any imperfections in ceilings and walls and makes you appreciate the wall color more.


This type of paint finishing works well on kitchens, bathrooms, and accent walls. Unlike matte, glossy paints provide sheen and shine on every surface. It can definitely catch attention – even cracks and other surface imperfections.

How to choose the right kind of paint

By now, you already have an idea of the different types of paint you can choose from. You can use these if you are planning to hire architects builders for a home addition project. Or if you simply want to put a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Here are tips in choosing the right kind of paint.

  • Choose paint depending on the room where you will apply it. As mentioned above, oil-based paints are more practical in bathrooms, kitchens, and high-moisture areas.
  • Consider who’s with you in the house as well. If you have young children at home, you might want to use paint with gloss sheen so you can easily wipe off crayon marks on the walls.
  • Think about a color scheme. Paint colors can affect mood to those in the room. As much as possible, choose pastel or neutral colors for the bedroom and living room. On the other hand, you can experiment with bold colors for the kitchen, entertainment lounge, or the playroom.

Breathe life into any room with the right paint

Choosing the right kind of paint is important whether you are planning in building a home addition or you simply want a refreshing new coating of paint in your room. For your home improvement needs, you may want to hire an expert in home remodel in DC. Contact one today!