Is this the first time you are renovating a house and are wondering in what order to do home renovations? Home remodeling architects recommend you follow this order to get the best results:

Begin with a plan

Everything begins here. You should write everything you need for your project before you start your work. When you have a plan, you know where to start, and how to proceed.

If your project requires you to get planning permission, get it before you begin the process.

Fix any visible flaws

Are there visible flaws in your building? If your property has noticeable cracks on the outside, have an experienced professional look at them. If they are serious and compromise the integrity of the house, have them patched.

The purpose of doing this is to reduce the cost of renovation and ensure your property is safe to work on both on the inside and outside.

While fixing the prevalent flaws, inspect the house and ensure that it’s watertight. Inspect the roof and ensure that it’s solid and not leaky. Also, take a look at the broken tiles or structural issues with the roof and fix them.

Strip everything back

If your house needs a complete overhaul, strip it down to a bare shell. Doing this gives you a blank slate to work on and reveals any hidden issues such as humid and rotting joists that might be there.

You also have an easier time updating the electrics or installing the central heating system.

Fix the rotting areas

Are there damp patches in the house? Fix them, and to ensure that the problem doesn’t recur, dig deeper into the causes of the dampness and fix them. For example, find out whether the leaks are due to a leaking drainpipe, blocked airbrick, or any other issue and fix it.

Reconfigure the space

If your project involves changing the orientation of the house, now is the time to do it. Knockdown a wall, create a new branch, and do any other thing that will give your house a new look.

For the best outcome, work with experienced professionals that know what they are doing. The last thing you want is someone to mess up your project.

Clean the back access

The last thing you want is to complete the renovation and then discover some waste still in the back garden that needs to be removed.

Suppose your back garden doesn’t have a large area to work with. In that case, you should confirm this before proceeding with the renovation work and removing the material that needs removal before you completely block off the area.

Update the electrics and plumbing

Once you have your new house in your desired configuration, you should update the electrics and plumbing. To stay modern, install modern electrical and plumbing systems.

While at it, install extra sockets and switches as you might need them in the future.

Unless you are certified to do the installation, let an experienced professional handle them. For peace of mind, ensure that the professional has a Part P certificate. For the gas works, the technician should be gas safe certified.

Replace the walls

After completing all the electrical and plumbing work, you should go to the walls and ceilings and replaster them in preparation for decorating.


Finally, once everything is in place, redecorate the house. Architects builders Washington DC recommend starting with the bathroom and kitchen, as they require most of the work. You also should start from the front door with the rooms furthest and work your way back.

Regardless of the room, you are working on, work on the walls and ceilings first, and don’t forget to work on the new doors and skirting. Leave the floor for the last.