Kitchens often serve as a gathering point at parties. Guests love to congregate in the kitchen, which often feels like a warm and cozy place to eat, drink, and chat. At the same time, however, the kitchen needs to be convenient and functional for those preparing the food. If you have been thinking of remodeling your kitchen, consult an interior designer near Washington, D.C. for help. There are a few elements to bear in mind when designing an ideal kitchen for entertaining. This kitchen remodeling guide can provide some help.

Consider Your Specific Needs

First of all, take a look at your current kitchen. What kind of parties or dinners would you like to host there? This will impact the kind of kitchen remodeling design you will need. You may wish to host smaller sit-down dinner parties, or larger self-service buffet events. Perhaps you let guests help themselves to food in the kitchen or maybe you prefer to plate the food first and then serve it in another room. You may like to cook on your own, let your guests help with the cooking, or hire a professional catering service. Take your personal needs into consideration when choosing how to adapt your kitchen design.

Some Features to Consider

There are some specific features which can help make your kitchen a great space for parties. Sleek stainless steel appliances can be both practical and stylish. Refrigerator drawers and wine coolers can help to keep beverages cold until you are ready to serve them. If you wish to prepare hot food in advance, warming drawers will help you keep the food warm. If you expect to do a lot of entertaining, you may wish to purchase a double dishwasher. Consider installing a flat screen TV if you would like to watch sporting events, the Oscars, or movies with friends. Raised countertops and kitchen islands can also be attractive features. They can provide a space around which friends can gather.