Regardless of what you are selling, there is stiff competition in the retail industry. As such, you have to be creative enough and stay ahead of your competitors. So, what can you do to attract more customers and increase your sales?

Remodeling is the word. The way your store appears has a lot to do with whether you will have returning customers and whether they will buy from you. Here, then, are some remodeling ideas to elevate your selling game.

Have comfortable seating areas.

Most business owners underestimate the need for cozy and comfortable waiting areas. Having comfortable seats for your clients sends the message that they are valued and welcome in your space. As you can imagine, they will be encouraged to spend time at your store, thus increasing sales for you.

Work with retail store contractors and come up with ways to strategically include the seating areas.

Have a strategic store layout.

Have you ever walked into a store and felt like a headache was approaching because of how poorly it was arranged? That’s how your customers feel when they walk into your store, and everything is all mixed up. They wouldn’t know which aisle or shelf to find something because you have a poor layout.

To counter that, you can set up a well-thought-out store layout that is systematically organized. Think of an open floor plan as it is not only inviting but encourages customers to explore. Ensure that you strategically place popular items along the way as well. This way, customers will be compelled to buy even if it was not in their plan.

Have eye-catching visual merchandising

Aesthetic appeal is everything in sales. You may want to upgrade your store’s aesthetic appeal with eye-catching displays. If you are selling clothes, for instance, invest in quality mannequins and window displays to attract people outside your store and encourage them to come in.

While at it, remember to keep updating your displays, as this keeps things fresh and entices even customers who have bought from you before to keep coming for more.

Enhance your lighting

Did you know that lighting can set the mood and ambiance for your store? You, therefore, need to ask yourself what mood you want your customers to perceive as soon as they walk into your store. A safe choice would be to go for a combination of accent, ambient, and task lighting to bring attention to key products and areas.

Lighting not only creates an inviting atmosphere but also makes your products appear more attractive.

Integrate technology

Customers in this day and age appreciate an interactive shopping experience. In response to that, you want to embrace technology as it is the tool you need to actualize the same.

Consider having things like touchscreens that customers can use to access product information, or virtual try-on mirrors. Your customers will not only enjoy the interaction, this also makes your store pleasantly different from others.  

Personalized shopping experience

One of the biggest mistakes that store owners make is not making their customers feel special. To stand out from your competitors and make more sales, consider giving your shoppers a personalized shopping experience.

You can leverage your customer data and do things like put in place loyalty programs or personalized recommendations. Having a booth or two with customer care representatives at your store can help you achieve this effortlessly.

Innovative signage

Is your store sign big enough, eye-catching, and memorable? If not, then you may have to do something about it. The goal is to have potential customers yearning to find out what you have in store. Therefore, you need to ensure that your signage is not only witty but readable and informative.

You’ll be surprised at how many customers walk into your store just because of the sign.

Green and sustainable design

The world is going green and understandably so, because environmental pollution is doing a number on our ecosystem. Since this is the case, joining the eco-friendly bandwagon will be to your benefit. Customers will certainly remember a business that uses eco-friendly packaging or energy-efficient lighting.

Of course, this translates to sales, so power to you.

In-store events and experiences

Consider setting up a booth for product launches and live demonstrations. Why? Simply because your customers would love to participate and engage during such. Soon enough, you will see the buzz created and the sales that will follow after.

Express checkout options

How many times have you been irritated by having to wait in line to pay for something you picked up at a store? This is a peeve for most people. Why, then, wouldn’t you run with that and set up a self-checkout kiosk to provide a quick and stress-free checkout experience for your customers?

You can be sure they will be coming back with a friend or two in tow.

Dynamic window displays

To increase your sales, you want to capture the attention of potential customers. You can easily do this with ever-changing window displays. Let them be themed and interactive, and you have a winner. What you do by this is triggering curiosity and ultimately driving traffic to your store and translating to sales.

Customer feedback stations

As a business owner, you know that customers appreciate being heard. To stand out from your competitors and increase your sales, you could have a feedback station where customers can give their insights and lodge any complaints.

Within no time, your business will have acquired new customers who heard about this unique feature in your store.

Incorporate local art and culture.

Art and culture have a way of bringing people together while intriguing them at the same time. To capitalize on that, you can have a few pieces in your store. You can be sure your customers will resonate with them and, for some reason, always want to shop at your store.

Have a mother-baby booth

Nothing screams considerate, like having a dedicated space for mothers to breastfeed or change their babies while at your store. Moreover, the booth could be a space for anyone who requires a moment of privacy while at your store.

Consider putting up one and watch your sales hit the roof.


Remodeling your store can either be a waste of money or a move that will completely change the dynamics of your business.

As such, you want to ensure that any remodeling you do is practical and appealing to both existing and potential customers. As mentioned work with experienced retail remodel DC experts to guide you through.