Choosing between a shower and a bathtub can be hard especially if you are planning to have a bathroom renovation. Both options also have different styles and designs you can choose from. Regardless of your final choice, you should hire professional home remodeling addition services to do the bathroom installation job.

A bathroom makeover is an exciting yet challenging task for a homeowner. Exciting, because you can finally give your current bathroom a fresher and updated look. Challenging, because of the cost implications and some steps you need to take while the renovation is ongoing. You can find affordable home additions companies for your home improvement needs.

The question still remains: Should you choose a bathtub or a shower? It will be a matter of personal preference and needs. You may opt for home addition design services so you can have a better idea of which option can suit your bathroom needs.

Bathtub: Pros and Cons

On one hand, having a bathtub in your bathroom seems like a luxury. However, bathtubs are also a staple among many households around the world. Among its noted benefits include the following:

It is a great way to relax after a busy day.

Dipping your tired body in a tub filled with hot water can make you feel relaxed and calm after a day’s work. You can add essential oils to soothe your mind and body while inside the tub.

It can be a fun way to bathe small children.

Bathtubs can be ideal for families with small kids. They will surely love having a mini “pool” inside the bathroom where they can splash, play, and enjoy their bath time.

It is available in different designs.

There are freestanding bathtubs and also ones that are attached to the wall and floors. The former has different designs you can choose from and can be placed anywhere within the bathroom area.

On the other hand, there are some instances wherein bathtubs may not be a good addition for a home remodel.

It may not be suitable for the elderly and those with injuries.

Unless there will be someone to assist them, then having a bathtub can still be a good idea. Otherwise, it can lead to further injuries such as accidental slipping.

It needs a lot of space and water.

If you have a small bathroom, then having a bathtub may be out of your option. It also needs a lot of water to fill it in, which may not be practical if you bathe in the bathtub every day.

Shower: Pros and Cons

And then there’s the shower. Depending on the design, it can make your bathroom look luxurious as well. It also has its pros and cons. First, are the benefits.

It is water-efficient.

You can instantly use the shower unlike when you use a bathtub where you need to wait to be filled so you can get in. There is no basically water wastage when you use the shower. Once you’re done bathing, simply turn the shower knob off.

It is ideal for people on-the-go.

People tend to get busy all the time, but proper hygiene should not be ignored. Taking a quick shower is great for those busy people who need to freshen up before going to work or before bedtime.

It takes less space and easier to install.

Even small bathrooms can accommodate a simple shower area. It is also easy to install as well, unlike bathtubs.

Meanwhile, some people may not like showers due to some reasons.

It is not practical for households with children.

Using a shower may not be a fun way for little children to enjoy their bath time.

It may not add value to a home.

In reality, home buyers actually prefer a house with a bathtub. The latter adds value to the property as a whole.

Other considerations

Here are other things to consider when choosing between a bathtub or a shower.

  • If you already have a bathtub in your bathroom, let it be. It adds value to a house especially if you are planning to sell your property soon.
  • If you have more than one bathroom at home, you can install a bathtub in the master bathroom and add a shower on the smaller guest bathroom instead.
  • If you have a small bathroom, opt for a walk-in shower instead. You can rely on home remodeling architects to further enhance your small bathroom area.
  • Consider who will use the bathroom. If you have small children, install a bathtub. Or you can opt for a bathtub/shower combination.

Hire home improvement experts

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